Let Your Voice Be Heard

Tell us what you think!

Our work at Tennesseans for Student Success is focused on four priorities: high academic standards; an aligned assessment; a strong but fair accountability system, and greater options for parents. We need your Teacher Voice. Please share your thoughts or experiences on these topics.  

1. Tennessee’s academic standards go under public review every six years, what are your thoughts on Tennessee’s specific academic standards?  (required)

2. Do you believe an annual statewide assessment, that measures what students are learning in the classroom, is valuable? Why or why not?  (required)

3. In your opinion, what strengths and weaknesses exist in current teacher and school accountability systems from a transparency and feedback perspective?  (required)

4. What are your thoughts on giving parents more public school options (i.e. magnet schools, charters, neighborhood schools, school transfers, etc.)?  (required)

5. Would you like to talk with a Tennesseans for Student Success Staff member about these issues further? If yes, please provide your name, email, phone number and the best time to contact you.  (required)

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